School Aid and the Rotary Club of Wendover & District sponsor Nancefield Primary School Library

Read about our latest library project as it happens! 

School Aid and Rotary have had a long and friendly connection and over the years we have worked in partnership to achieve many projects both locally in the UK and internationally. In Cape Town, School Aid has been fortunate to work closely for many years with The Rotary Club of Kirstenbosch who act as our consignee, helping us import books and school supplies into South Africa. This common ground meant that we were ready to listen when Sandra Maizels (President, Rotary Club of Wendover & District) approached us to discuss a possible library project.

Sandra has been a friend and supporter of School Aid for many years and is well aware of our ability to get things done. Having seen reports of previous library projects School Aid has been involved with, she outlined her thoughts to raise £10,500 to provide a South African school with a fully stocked, fully functioning library.

With a major effort from our two organisations and the invaluable input from School Aid South Africa volunteers, a worthy recipient school was found; Nancefield Primary in Eldorado Park, Soweto. Beautiful books were sourced (thanks to Usborne Books for their generous donation) and excitingly, the permission and commitment to build a permanent purpose-built room was agreed.

Nancefield Primary has 1,112 pupils of which at last count, only three have both parents alive! The remaining children have either a single parent or no parents at all. The children come to school from miles around, encouraged by the feed scheme which ensures the neediest children are fed at breakfast and lunch. For many, this is the only food they will have that day. Unusually, many of the pupils do not wear school uniform - an indication of the level of poverty at home. Nancefield Primary has a dedicated principal who is working hard to raise standards and develop his school.

Teachers and parents recently united in protest at the state of the over crowded 1980 asbestos-built classrooms, with the result that two new purpose-built rooms were commissioned - a small but positive step towards replacing the many needed class rooms.


Nancefield Library is now complete and offers a vibrant, welcoming environment for the the young learners of the school to feed their imagination and grow their knowledge. Supported by School Aid Project Development Manager Michael Matome, who works with the school to provide supported learning. 

It’s amazing what can be achieved when you work together 

17th February 2014
South Africa