Students and their teacher reading in a new library

As a charity devoted to literacy, it’s important to us that children can make real progress in reading without the restrictions of formal – and often expensive – reading schemes. With this in mind, we are trialing a programme of accelerated reading.

In the first instance, the scheme will be rolled out at Impala Crescent Primary School in Johannesburg, an established associate of School Aid and home to one of our first libraries.

We have been so excited to start this fantastic new chapter for School Aid. Our first steps have been to set up new processes to identify Accelerated Reader books in the donations we receive. Once we have found them the books are separated and catalogued ready to go out to schools in Africa.

With our first batch of Accelerated Reader books on the way to South Africa for our pilot scheme we are hoping to roll out the full program in 2020. This program will make a massive difference to the children taking part, allowing them to achieve excellence in literacy, opening further opportunities and building a brighter future.

Literacy is the foundation of future learning and through Accelerated Reader School Aid will help give children the start they need to take advantage of their full potential.