Visit this section to see what's happening with School Aid's African projects and partners.

Date Project Country
Jan 2018 Lesotho reading clubs to benefit from latest shipment Lesotho
Dec 2017 Dar es Salaam schools boosted by latest resources for Tanzania Tanzania
Aug 2017 Another shipment arrives in northern Malawi Malawi
Aug 2017 Children mobilised to unpack latest container in Malawi Malawi
Apr 2017 Double shipment sent to South Africa South Africa
Apr 2017 Another shipment received by Cape Town Rotary Club South Africa South Africa
Mar 2017 School Aid partners with VSO in remote district of Tanzania Tanzania
Jan 2017 School Aid Reading Clubs come to Lesotho Lesotho
Dec 2016 Latest shipment to see School Aid reading clubs pioneered in Lesotho Lesotho
Nov 2016 Books head for earthquake-hit northwest of Tanzania Tanzania
Aug 2016 Another shipment sent to School Aid South Africa South Africa
Jul 2016 A second shipment arrives in northern Malawi Malawi
Jun 2016 Library Development Projects Feedback 2014-2016 South Africa
May 2016 Book Bus receives another shipment Malawi
May 2016 School Aid partners receive supplies of reading books South Africa
Feb 2016 Tanzania: Partnering with schools around a sugar plantation Tanzania
Feb 2016 South Africa: SASA and Cape Town South Africa
Dec 2015 Lesotho: Thousands of books headed for remote schools in the mountainous kingdom of Lesotho Lesotho
Oct 2015 Tanzania: Working with two new partners Tanzania
Sep 2015 The Bookery benefits from a School Aid donation South Africa
Jul 2015 Life Concern Malawi sent a shipment Malawi
Jul 2015 Bagamoyo targeted for School Aid resources Tanzania
Jun 2015 Another shipment heads for South Africa South Africa
Jun 2015 The Book Bus and HELP receive first shipment Malawi
Feb 2015 Teachers in South Africa thrilled with the books South Africa
Nov 2014 Lesotho 2014: 18,000 schoolchildren benefit from school and library books Lesotho
Sep 2014 Shipment to South Africa for schools and new partner, The Bookery South Africa
Jul 2014 Tanzania: 20,000 books bound for 6,500 students in 16 schools Tanzania
Jun 2014 More books to Malawi Malawi
Mar 2014 Shipment sent to South Africa with support of Rotary clubs South Africa
Feb 2014 School Aid and the Rotary Club of Wendover & District sponsor Nancefield Primary School Library South Africa
Feb 2014 Tanzania: Books and school furniture earmarked for Lakes area Tanzania
Nov 2013 Developing the Lesotho Project 2013/2014 Lesotho
Sep 2013 Nearly 13,000 books plus desks and chairs sent to Tanzania Tanzania
Aug 2013 Tanzania: 12 schools and nearly 5,400 children benefit from shipment Tanzania
Jun 2013 Primary and secondary schools to benefit from Malawi shipment Malawi
Apr 2013 Shipment sent to South Africa South Africa
Dec 2012 New region of Tanzania to get School Aid resources Tanzania
Nov 2012 Shipment to South Africa South Africa
Sep 2012 First School Aid shipment to Malawi Malawi
Jun 2012 40ft container sent to over 5,000 children in Tanzania Tanzania
May 2012 Shipment to School Aid South Africa South Africa
Mar 2012 Shipment to schools in Mpumalanga, South Africa South Africa
Dec 2011 Christmas shipment to Zimbabwe Zimbabwe
Oct 2011 Primary and secondary books and supplies to SA schools South Africa
Jul 2011 Large consignment to Tanzanian schools Tanzania
May 2011 Consignment to Roneca Girls' High School, Tanzania Tanzania
Mar 2011 22,000 books to schools in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Zambia South Africa
Dec 2010 Equipment and books to schools in Dar es Salaam and Bukoba Tanzania
Nov 2010 21 schools in Cape Town, Jo'burg and Pretoria sent books for libraries South Africa
Oct 2010 Consignment to 12 schools in Morogoro Tanzania
Sep 2010 19 schools across four provinces stocked with books South Africa
Jun 2010 Consignment to Tarime, Tanzania Tanzania
May 2010 Shipment to schools in Ethiopia Ethiopia
May 2010 Nine schools in Kwekwe, Zimbabwe Zimbabwe
Apr 2010 New programme launched in Lesotho Lesotho
Jan 2010 School Aid and Anseba Partnership support schools in Eritrea Eritrea
Nov 2009 Consignment to School Aid South Africa and Cape Town partners South Africa
Aug 2009 Stone Town, Zanzibar Tanzania
Jul 2009 Science books and equipment for Jo'burg and Pretoria schools South Africa