The success of School Aid is a testament to the generosity of schools and businesses of the UK, and in some cases beyond that. Each element of the process required for getting an unwanted book from a school in the UK, directly to the hands of an under-privileged child somewhere in Africa, relies on the benevolence of somebody else.

School Aid benefits greatly from sponsorship of services and from partnerships that allow our combined efforts to have greater impact. We are sincerely grateful to our sponsors and warmly appreciate the working relationships we have with our partners.  We regularly benefit from:

  • Infant, junior and secondary schools across the UK – generous donators of surplus educational books and stationery.
  • National and local businesses – they allow us to make use of their extensive distribution networks or they sponsor our local events to help us raise funds.
  • Financial donors – their philanthropic work help us champion specific campaigns that empower African children to fulfil their potential.
  • Shipping companies – shipping to Africa can be an expensive process. These generous organisations help to keep these costs to a minimum.
  • Libraries across the UK – we benefit regularly when they re-stock or clear-out.