Teachers in South Africa thrilled with the books

In February 2015 a shipment of fiction and non fiction books was sent to schools in Cape Town and George area. As always they were enthusiastically received. Some of the comments included the following:

 "The learners are loving the new mini-libraries as many don't have access to books. They are learning to read for pleasure and as a hobby. They are eager to change their books regularly and are learning to look after books. We really appreciate this new venture and want to say thanks to the people who donated these books!" Grade Seven Teacher

 "I have been feeling so helpless because the learners don't have access to libraries and so they don't get to enjoy taking books home to read and share with their families.....so these books couldn't have come at a better time!! Thank you so much....this is going to make such a difference."Grade Three teacher

9th February 2015
South Africa