South Africa

Double shipment sent to South Africa

Two containers were sent together to South Africa earlier in 2017 arriving in June 2017.

Ten pallets of text, fiction and reference books as well as stationery and teacher resources were received by the Rotary Club of Kirstenbosch in Cape Town. This equated to approximately 11,00 books in total.

The Rotary Club passed five pallets to their partners at the  Douglas Murray Trust (DGMT), dedicated to improving South Africa’s potential, who distributed them to their chosen five beneficiaries.

The remaining pallets were distributed by Rotary Club of Kirstenbosch to  underprivileged ECD (Early Childhood Development) pre-schools and crèches, underprivileged primary schools, an  underprivileged high school, literacy organisations and several special needs primary schools or homes or place of safety.

Below is some of the feedback from recipients:

Thank you so very much for organizing all this ... yet again. You have no idea of the delight and joy not only the kids get but the volunteers as well when we open our boxes of treasures!!! WOW!!!

Thank you too to School UK for so generously not only donating the books but also getting them all shipped.

10th April 2017
South Africa