Feedback received on 2017 shipment to southern Malawi

In August 2017 a container of books was sent to our partners The Book Bus and a second NGO, H.E.L.P Malawi. Both are situated in the Mangochi area of Malawi near Lake Malawi.

The contents were destined for a number of schools and community libraries identified by them as needing our resources.

As part of our regular Monitoring & Evaluation schedule, we recently received feedback from head teachers, teachers and students from a sample of thirteen schools.

Nearly all of the respondents reported that receipt of the books has made a positive difference to teaching and learning. The students’ vocabulary has increased and they are now more interested in reading. The books are also used by students and teachers for reference purposes.

One student stated:  "At first, we were not allowed to borrow books from the library due to little books we had. Thanks School Aid, that now we are able to".

See the Full report for more details.

1st August 2017