Malawi school

Students from schools in Malawi benefit from School Aid donations

In September 2017, a container of text, reference and reading books were sent to the Rumphi area of Northern Malawi, arriving in March 2018.  Working with partners, Life Concern and Temwa. a UK based NGO, a total of 33 schools (14 primary schools and 19 secondary schools) received either a whole or half pallet of books.

Most of the head teachers at the schools reported that the books were being stored in a permanent or temporary library and that the level of English was suitable for the learners.  As a result of receiving these books, new initiatives were set up, which included 6 libraries, 5 reading schemes, 2 study circles, 3 spelling competitions/quizzes and 1 teacher resource centre.

Using the donated books has improved understanding and use of English and overall performance, which in turn has helped primary school learners to progress to secondary school.  The books are also used as a teaching resource for the teachers, advancing their teaching skills.

We will continue to monitor and evaluate to ensure that our donations continue to benefit both teachers and learners.