Rachel Seymour is greeted at the finish line of the London Marathon

Rachel receives a keepsake for her completion of the London Marathon

Rachel, our intrepid marathon runner, completed the 26.2 grueling miles, making it look like a walk in the park!

She was greeted at the finishing line, along with her family, by General Manager Clare Junak and Chairman Janis Mowlam, and on behalf of the School Aid Trustees, Janis presented Rachel with a silver necklace from Links of London to convey their thanks for her unrelenting support of School Aid.

Rachel has met a life-long ambition of hers to run the marathon before her next milestone birthday, and School Aid was lucky enough to be her charity of choice. Donations were still coming in after the event, and she has now managed to raise around £3,000 for us, an extraordinary achievement on top of the mileage she has put in.

We would like to thank Rachel for everything she has done for us, and to her family who have shared her time with us over the past months of preparation.

If you didn't get to sponsor Rachel this time, she has also agreed to run the School Aid Fun Run in a giraffe suit!