Children attending the reading clubs in Lesotho are awarded prizes

Following the great success of the reading clubs in Lesotho, a number of children were selected for an award.

Moso Ranoosi, Lesotho Reading Club Project Officer, has been running these reading clubs, along with lead teachers at five schools (Get Together, Lequetsoana, Thasbana Tsooana, Mazenod and Tseka). Each child, at each school, underwent a continual assessment monitoring their attendance, enthusiasm, participation, confidence and reading fluency and, at the end of the school term, those children who got the best results were then selected to receive a prize. Here are some pictures of the children receiving their prizes and, as you can see from the smiles on their faces, they are delighted by their successes.

Two further reading clubs have been set up at another two schools so we look forward to hearing about how successful they have been in due course.