Impala Crescent Primary School celebrate World Literacy Day

Impala Crescent Primary School in Johannesburg has recently celebrated World Literacy Day.

As part of World Literacy Day, the School invited Stacey Fru, a 10 year old girl born in Johannesburg, who is a self-acclaimed published South African author.  Stacey loves reading and this has shaped her into the youngest multiple award winning writer on the continent, if not internationally.  She wrote her first book, 'Smelly Cats' when she was 7, without her parents' knowledge, and by the time her second book 'Bob and the Snake' was published at the age of 9, she was a multiple award winner.  Young Stacey writes stories, essays, poems, speeches and songs.

Stacey was invited for the day to inspire reading amongst the school.  She spoke to some selected learners in the library about her achievements and about the importance of respect.  She asked the learners some questions and gave books to those who answered her.  She then visited some classes in the school.  She was a real inspiration to all those who met her.

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