Books distributed to a number of schools in Malawi

Nelson Kondowe, from Life Concern, reported that books have been distributed to a number of schools in Malawi.

On 29th November, another shipment arrived in Rumphi, Northern Malawi, where our NGO partner, Life Concern, hired a hall so that the many boxes could be offloaded by prison inmates. Distribution of these books were made to schools which had been identified as being of great need, as well as to schools supported by another local NGO partner, TEMWA, which supports small rural communities in the Nikhata Bay North District. This is a very remote area on the edge of Lake Malawi, which is extremely isolated and receives little government help.

The photo above shows the children from Jandandang'ombe Primary School taking delivery of the boxes of books for their School Library. The other schools that they had been able to deliver to are Tenthere, Mwazisi, Bwengu, Engucwin, Kamphenda, Mlowe, Jalawe, Mkombezi and Phwezi Girls. They have still to distribute books to 3 further schools, which they hope to do in January 2018.

Here is a picture of the pupils at Kamphenda Secondary School receiving their boxes.