Latest shipment to Lesotho leaves warehouse

Volunteers loaded a 20 foot container, which left the School Aid warehouse on 10th January, with 18,620 books, supporting 6,9954 children, at 13 schools and reading clubs. 

This shipment is expected to arrive in Lesotho in mid February and will then be distributed in and around Maseru, the capital of Lesotho.

School Aid is building on the success of last year's Reading Clubs, which are being run by Moso Ranoosi, Project and Reading Club Officer, at underprivileged schools. The club sessions run for a school term of approximately 12 weeks, with two terms a year. Some of the donated books will be used at newly created reading clubs, as well as at existing reading clubs, and the others will be used to resource libraries. As most schools do not have libraries, these books will have a huge impact on their resources.

Before the creation of these Reading Clubs, many of the children did not have access to books and strong evidence shows that reading for pleasure plays a vital role in improving educational outcomes, as well as improvements in wellbeing.