Books distributed to schools in Malawi make a positive difference

School Aid's monitoring and evaluation system ensures that donations are being used effectively by the recipient schools and community libraries.

In May 2016 a container of books and other educational resources were sent to the Mangochi area of Malawi near Lake Malawi. The schools and community libraries had been selected by our NGO partners, The Book Bus and H.E.L.P Malawi, who received and distributed the boxes. All the schools, that had provided feedback, reported that the receipt of books had made a positive difference, contributing to improved reading skills and providing reference resources so that students and teachers can find information. The availability and accessibility of the books is also encouraging more students to attend classes and continue their education and, in some cases, helps to attract and retain teachers. Many of the schools had set up new initiatives as a result of receiving School Aid resources, mainly reading schemes.

A number of students were interviewed, representing the primary, secondary and community libraries. They were all aware of the donation from School Aid and had all used books, especially the English maths and science books. They felt the resources had brought about changes in their schools, including improving literacy, the establishment of after school English classes and an improvement in student grades. All the students interviewed had hopes of becoming professionals on leaving school, including being a doctor, engineer, scientist, teacher and nurse.

A further shipment had been sent to the Book Bus and H.E.L.P Malawi in 2017 and we look forward to receiving further feedback in due course.