Harry's Story

This is the story of Harry Watt, who has supported School Aid since 2016.

Harry Watt, as photographed, first supported School Aid when he took part in the School Aid Fun Run in 2016. Following this, he came along to the Family Open Day in the summer holidays. Harry learnt how fortunate he, his school friends and family were to have access to lots of lovely books and stationery and how children in deprived areas of Africa are not so fortunate. He also learnt, from taking part in the School Run, that many children have to walk three miles or more to get to school - a very different life to his own. By donating unwanted books and stationery to School Aid, it made such a huge impact on the lives of these children, giving them a better future. Harry went back to school in September and, with great enthusiasm, told his friends and teachers about how he had helped a charity during the summer holidays, showing them his Attendance Certificate. He explained how he was helping children in Africa and organised a book collection at his school.

We were absolutely delighted to see Harry again this year at the Open Day, with his friend Xavier Tomi-Odufuwa, his mother and brother. The boys had a great day sorting and stamping books and enjoyed the company of another family who had come along to the warehouse for the first time.

Getting local families involved helps to spread the word about what School Aid does and, indeed, one of the mothers who came along to the Open Day this year is interested in becoming a volunteer. This year, we advertised the days in Families Chiltern, a publication which is circulated to schoools in the Chiltern area. We also put posters in local supermarkets and advertised in local newsletters. As the children have to be accompanied by an adult, this also introduces the parents to our charity. We are always seeking new volunteers so this is another way of making people aware of the work we do.