Narsingstreet Public Primary School


Narsing Street Asherville
South Africa
32° 16' 44.4072" S, 24° 33' 40.59" E
Project Shipped Status
19 schools across four provinces stocked with books Sep 2010 Arrived
Thank you for donating all the books, especially for the younger ones for the toys and games that we have received from you.
8th September 2011
We are enjoying the games especially the puzzles they are very nice.  Thanks for being there and thinking of us.
17th January 2012
The children at school enjoy reading the books and the young ones love playing with their toys and games.  The books that we receive can improve our reading skills a lot.
17th January 2012
Thank you for all the books, games and toys that every school donated to us.  We as the learners are really enjoying it.
17th January 2012