Thousands of books headed for remote schools in the mountainous kingdom of Lesotho

For the third successive year, we have teamed up with partner organisations Sentebale and Dolen Cymru to send a consignment of books to primary and secondary schools in Lesotho. We are particularly pleased to be returning to the schools nominated by Sentebale, following an earlier shipment in 2013, while teachers from Dolen Cymru will once more be using books donated by School Aid to work with teachers in their nominated schools.

The resources arrived in January to greet the new school term, bringing textbooks, reading books, library books and more, to almost 14,000 students in 34 schools. Many of these schools have no library, and are planning to establish some form of library facility with the books supplied by School Aid, while others have hopes of improving their existing facilities. We look forward to hearing more!

16th December 2015