Life Concern Malawi sent a shipment

Date: 28th July 2015
Status: Arrived
Life Concern Malawi sent a shipment

Life Concern Organisation operates in northern Malawi. Its aim is to ensure better health and development of the marginalised and vulnerable local populations. Part of their work includes helping to promote and support education for young people in their area. In partnership with them, School Aid shipped a container containing text, reference and reading books, together with assorted stationery, tables and chairs; to seven schools.

After “dancing to the tune of our tax body to clear the container” the shipment finally arrived with Life Concern in October 2015.

With no mechanical equipment available, the Director, Peter Gondwe hit upon the idea of using local prisoners. Consequently offloading was done in less than four hours.

The books were safely stored in a rented hall, pending distribution.

Yet again, some creative thinking led to the loan of a three-tonne lorry from the district hospital to use for the distribution exercise, as their vehicle was too small.

Peter said: “We are really inspired to see the smiling faces of children receiving the books. I am sure we will get positive feedback from the schools on how they are benefiting from the program. Most of these schools don't have library books.”

We now look forward to receiving further feedback once the schools start making use of the books.