Buy a Book Day is an annual celebration of the importance of books and reading – a celebration of everything that reading can bring – enjoyment, entertainment and education.

Yet, many children in Africa have never read a book, some have never even held a book. Many are unable to read and without this basic skill many are unable to access even the most basic education. Without education, they are unlikely to escape from a life of poverty.

Buy a Book for Africa is an opportunity for you to help children in Lesotho, Malawi, South Africa and Tanzania, to learn to read and to develop their literacy skills.

All we ask is that you ‘buy’ a virtual online book by making a donation.

Our aim? – We hope to receive enough donations to fill a shelf with books – and not just one shelf – we hope to fill a library... and not just fill one – create one!

Will you help us?

Buy a Book Day is on 7th September but you are welcome to donate any time of any day.

Any donations received, of any size, at any time, through our Buy a Book for Africa event, will help our work sourcing, sorting and shipping books, creating libraries and training library assistants in schools.

One donation of £10 will pay for us to send 40 books to Africa.

You can donate anonymously if you prefer or choose a message to appear on your virtual book, such as Good Luck.

Thank you for your support.