Project Feedback

Here is a selection of the project feedback we have received from our partners.

Measuring the precise impact of School Aid’s resources is a challenge, but feedback in January 2016 from the ESIIMI schools, which benefited from our resources in 2013, is immensely... more
The library books are much appreciated by our children and have helped them greatly in improving their interest, in understanding of, and knowledge vocabulary in English. more
Summary of 6 and 18 month feedback. more
Since I started reading with other students in the library, my vocabulary has improved. more
Our teachers were delighted to receive these books and have already began plans of re-establishing our school library. more
Word is that most schools who did not have a library before are now feeling compelled to start one. more
Never in a million years did I ever think I would see equipment like this and even more so with us being such a rural school. more
Vuleka School is once again overwhelmed by the generosity of School Aid....Thank You for stretching a helping hand from the UK!  We are always happy to add books to our libraries.... more
On behalf of our school, I would like to say we are really thankful for the donations that you gave us. The teachers and pupils are so delighted. They enjoyed the novels alot. more
I like my school so much because we play a lot of games like netball, soccer and athletics.  But although I enjoy being at school, we still have crises because one of our classrooms... more
I am doing good because I am happy that you gave us the books... more
Its a good thing to offer schools stationery because some children come from a poor background so they cant afford to buy stationery. more
As a Lehlabile Secondary School student I thank you and appreciate your tremendous work you have done to my school. more
I am very happy for getting this resource and I would like to thank you for everything you have done.  I appreciate it....As you can see that we come from a disadvantaged school and... more
It is our first time to receive books from School Aid.  The books you donated are very important to our school because they are going to improve learners' reading skills.  Beside... more
Maths books will help us as teachers because they have different activities and different ways of solving maths problems...This will make our lessons more interesting to pupils due to these... more
I am very happy to write this letter of thanks to you.  I would like to say thank you and thank again and again for giving us pens and books. more
We are coming to read the books and we can learn and speak good English. We are coming to write with the pens. We really thank you so much. You have shown love to our country. more
I am very happy. Our school is very poor with dull buildings, but now we are proud. The books and these wonderful looking pens have given us new heart. more
This letter serves to acknowledge that School Aid has been so generous to donate some books to the school... This is highly appreciated. more
Thank you for all the books, games and toys that every school donated to us.  We as the learners are really enjoying it. more
The children at school enjoy reading the books and the young ones love playing with their toys and games.  The books that we receive can improve our reading skills a lot. more
We are enjoying the games especially the puzzles they are very nice.  Thanks for being there and thinking of us. more
Thank you for your great support to Roneca Girls' High School, and with pleasure we say, May God richly bless you. more
Thank you for donating all the books, especially for the younger ones for the toys and games that we have received from you. more
The shipment was a big success. more
Please accept our most sincere thanks and appreciation for the generous donation of books we received from you last month. I want to assure you that the books will be put to good use... more
A VERY big thank you to you, and all at Labaid and Schoolaid, for the wonderful gift of the equipment and books for the schools of Zimbabwe. more
Your donation will help uplift academic stability, skills knowledge and efficiency. more
Thanks to the resources I have been motivated to have personal studies hence benefiting my understanding more of subjects. more
The difference is obvious, last year students performed well in their examinations due to books and computers they had. more
Girls at our school are eager to study for future success and that the materials received are directly benefiting their improvements. more
We were sometimes studying while standing or sitting 2-3 students on one chair. We are now using our own chair and desk. more
Students are reading much more, we find the books encourage our students to learn English more. more
There has been considerable improvement in subjects such as English and science, especially biology. [We] found that the resources that came from the UK greatly influenced this outcome. more
Teachers are teaching well because of textbooks and other items we got from you. more
Students have enough chairs to sit on. more
Teachers realised from the books that the River Nile started in Burundi and not in Uganda as they thought before. more
Stationery helped the poor students who could not afford them. more
Students these days enjoy studying. more
Boys extended their study time at night because of reading materials. more
Interest in use of library has increased and with time grades will go up. more
Our school football teams emerged as the champions in both boys and girls teams because of the morale.  more
We have employed a computer teacher from Germany, and attract students who want to acquire computer knowledge.  It is easier to keep records and in typing for exams more
The shipment was a huge success because both St Kizito and Kenyara Secondary cater to poverty-stricken families and are educating students in computers who normally would not have that... more
Books, toys, stationery, football kit, tables and chairs received by Ntimaru Educational Centre, Ntimaru, Kuria District, Kenya.  This new school has over 100 local children now... more
A scanned letter from the Principal of Mphophomo Intermediate School. more
With School-Aid, learning and teaching problems could be alleviated. more
The Principal, Mr Pitse, expressed his gratitude for the science equipment which means that the pupils are able to see for themselves the experiments which had before only been pictures in... more
The teacher’s guides couldn't have come at a more opportune time (Aug 2007). more
In 2007 we set up five new after-school clubs on the farms, set up five mini-libraries in the after-school clubs and crèches, improved the grades of the high school students from the... more
Providing these students with meaningful opportunities helps to grow the economy moving forward, as the next generation will be better equipped to deal with the challenges of tomorrow. more
Books are the best guide and equipment in the formation of one’s life. more
Spent the afternoon in Nyanga Township yesterday and delivered football equipment to one of our schools. As always, they were over the moon and were enormously grateful for receiving this. more
We received your books on the 3rd of April. And we are very happy to inform you that it is very useful to our studies. more